Join the Helium 5G & IoT Network with JAG

Install our Helium 5G gateway and small cell at your location to provide wireless 5G internet and IoT coverage to your business or community. We provide the hardware for free and you earn a commission on the cryptocurrency (HMT and HNT) earned by hosting our hardware.

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Refurbished Hotspots

Refurbished hotspots for sale. Keep 100% of the rewards.

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    RAK7244 V2 Gateway (Refurbi...

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    SenseCap M1 Helium Gateway ...

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Shop IoT Kit Section

Join the JAG Network by installing a simple device


Our indoor kits are best suited for quick and easy installation in your home or office. If you do not have roof access, or the ability to mount an antenna outside, these are the best indoor hotspot setups.


The best opportunity to maximize earnings is to install an outdoor antenna. These kits have various outdoor antennas, enclosures, and cabling to help mount your antenna as high as possible for maximum rewards.


Already have a hotspot and looking to boost your earnings? Select from our various tested accessory kits to increase your HNT earnings.

JAG Host Perks & Rewards

Join the JAG Network by installing a simple device


Monthly Earnings

As a JAG host, you will be rewarded with 20% of all earnings from the hotspot located in your home or office.


Free Helium Miner

We cover ALL device costs by providing you with the Helium hotspot and basic equipment needed to get set up.


No Transfer Fees

Transfer your HNT earnings to your own, personal wallet for free. (JAG covers all transfer fees.)

Shop Our Best Selling Antennas

Upgrade the antenna for better rewards.

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