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Browan MerryIoT V1 (New)

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The MerryIoT Hotspot by Browan meets the very latest hardware requirements to mine HNT – a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC fast flash storage provides the best for the buck – fast beacon discovery.

It has an indoor antenna with a peak gain of 2 dBi that can be upgraded easily with any external antenna and a cable with an RP-SMA Male connector.

MerryIoT Hotspot V1 is designed for edge computing applications in IoT, Smart Manufacturing, Automation, Blockchain and etc, to support high performance, high reliability and high throughput for the heavy data processing demand.

By ordering and hosting this JAG owned hotspot you become entitled to 20% of the mining revenue earned after the initial 30 day trial period. 

US915 - USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Bermuda
Browan MerryIoT V1 (New)Browan MerryIoT V1 (New)Browan MerryIoT V1 (New)Browan MerryIoT V1 (New)

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