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Pre-flashed Gigastone 64GB UHD Micro SD Card

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Gigastone 64GB UHD 90MB/s Micro SDXC UHS-I A1 Class 10. This card is to replace the 32Gb card in your RAK Helium Hotspot. Follow these instructions and the video below for instructions on how to swap the card out in your RAK v1.5 or v2 device:
  1. Power off the hotspot (unplug from power)
  2. Carefully peel off the tape protecting the microSD card slot, it is below the gold/black sticker on the side of the hotspot where the antenna is, next to the status LEDs.
  3. Remove microSD card inside, there is a small lip on the bottom part which you can use to pull it out, some people prefer to use tweezers.
  4. Replace card making sure it's correctly inserted all the way with brand side down
  5. Power on the hotspot again.

Works with RAK v1.5 and RAK v2



Pre-flashed Gigastone 64GB UHD Micro SD Card